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CAPITAL Trust, Inc. (Until February 2014 under the name of the first Czech CZ Investment, Inc.) is a development company specialized in the reconstruction of apartment buildings in Prague. Since 1999, we bought and reconstructed more than forty blocks of flats. Selected reference projects can be found on www.cinzovnidomy.cz section completed projects.

We are a highly specialized company focused solely on apartment buildings and maximizing revenues from them. We provide proven filling empty units interested in the short, medium and long term lease, we are waging a professional technical and economic management houses offer project management, renovations, alterations, loft conversions, extensions elevator and everything else you might need the owner of an apartment building. Due to the extensive portfolio of owned and managed apartment buildings we have a unique experience in both under the existing legislation to ensure a strong legal position of the landlord. Thanks to our sophisticated lease agreements and practice proven techniques it can contractually bind, the house remains the only long-term non-paying tenant. At one apartment house, we took into administration at the beginning of this year we increased during the four-month profit of CZK 921,000 per month to 1,674,000, – CZK and all tenants pay rent properly and on time.

Of course we are fully available to maximize your income if you decide to sell property. The most commonly used model in which achieves maximum profitability, the sale of the house one by one.

Together with our longstanding partners we will design and optimize tax structure of real property – eg. Czech investment fund with a 5% income taxes, etc.

We hope that you evaluate positively the fact that the cooperation shown interest with strong capital.

Contact Info

Křižíkova 65a/679 186 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic

+420224818283 +420224818284