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Current Projects


Nov FasadaLondýnská 73, Praha 2Vinohrady









Uruguayská 12, Praha 2-Vinohradyuruguayska_vyrez








wenzigova_002_060718Wenzigova 15, Praha 2-Nové Město

Residential development project Wenzigova 15, Prague 2.

An Art Noveau apartment building with reconstructed appartments,renovated common area,new elevator, new facade, new pipes and electricity and gas pipes, new roof. New attic apartments with terraces on the top floor. In the groundfloor and suterrain is for sale or rent offices. Prices include VAT.





cimburkova_1 006Cimburkova 27, Praha 3-Žižkov







UKL_dum_060816_026U Kněžské louky 30, Praha 3-Žižkov










Graficka 37, Prague 5-Smíchov


We offer you the apartments in an Art-Nouveau Apartment building built in 1900 which was completly renovated in 2008.

Graficka is located in Smichov in a very attractive location, situated nearby Bertramka, Mrázovka and Kinskeho Zahrada with a beautiful vegetation.

Smichov is a friendly area with a business district. One tram stop to the metro station “Andel – yellow line B.

Attic apartments will be finished in summer/fall 2009.

The prices include VAT.We can also arrange 100% mortgage for EU members if they have an EUROpass.




Na Dědince 11 smallNa Dedince 11, Prague 8-Libeň


We offer you the apartmens in new development project after new complete renovation: apartments, new roof, common parts, new electrics, gas and water mains, new elevator. New facade is already done.

Apartments types: 1+kk, 2+kk.

Good location in a quiet area between parks Pekarka and Bulovka. Not far from city centre.

Tram stop is about 2 min by foot.

For more information, please contact our brokers.

Prices include VAT except the commercial space.

Three years after colaudation 0 VAT applies.


IMG_3047Křižíkova 65,
Praha 8-Karlín









DSC_2475Lofty Křižíkova, Prague 8-Karlín

A modern project in which the former candy factory is transformed into a mixed-use space – open space offices on the groundfloor, classic apartments of all sizes and loft apartments. The basement area will be used as a garage space. The possibility of parking in the courtyard is a great advantage of this project. Lofty Krizikova is a typical 21st Century project in which the developer takes the eco trends very seriously. We are building prime property with focus on low maintenance cost and we care about used materials, we minimize the day-to-day expenses for future owners. Nowadays Karlin is a dynamic and attractive neighbourhood in terms of growth and development in Prague. The location is very near the city center, near the main public transportation, two minutes walking to metro station Krizikova, less than five minutes drive to Brno and Teplice highway entrance. It all makes this neighbourhood very convenient for investors for building new apartments as well as office space in Karlin.  There is going to be a lot more reconstructed buildings, public works, new shopping and businness centers and the interest in buying property in this neighbourhood is growing and we offer you to make with us a solid property investment.  Parking spaces for rent or sale. Prices do not include VAT. We arrange mortgage for EU citizens with EURO pass and other foreign nationals. For more information, please contact our brokers.

Flats for use from December 2013.

We provide fast, convenient financing.




brezinova_orezanaBřezinova 13, Praha 8-Karlín









IMG_4730K Zámku 214, Praha 9-Dolní Počernice








Irkutská 10, Praha 10-Vinohrady





(I need photos of the inside)


kosicka25dumcelekKošická 25,
Praha 10-Vršovice










Obraz056Lipenská 5, České Budějovice










Lipenská 6, České Budějovice









Lipenská 48, Lipenská 48









Snímek 1121A.Trägera 404/14, České Budějovice


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Staroměstská 12, České Budějovice



Staroměstská 14, České Budějovice



Contact Info

Křižíkova 65a/679 186 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic

+420224818283 +420224818284