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CAPITAL Trust, a.s. has uniques experience and strong track record in acquistion of historic rental buildings in Prague and its development: reconstruction of the common area and units, sale and retnals of the renovated units. Currently the companies own hudreds of units, mostly apartments in the central part of Prague and some in Southern Bohemian metropolis Ceské Budejovice, exclusively in the original brick building areas.

Karel Faltus has been working with CAPITAL Trust a.s. group of companies since 2011. He takes care of the day-to-day residential management, specializing in communication technologies such as complex wi-fi networks at our properties. Stemming from his university degree in Electrical engeneering is his interest in innovative technologies, making him an essential part of Free Energy Vision s.r.o. project. Karel speaks Czech, English and Russian.

Karel Faltus

( Chief Technician )

Oleg Švehla has been with the company since 2007. He oversees all thelong-term technical management of the properties from construction work, furniture orders to boileer room maintenance. Oleg is also on call for the tenants should their rented apartment need any kind of technical attention. Prior to joining CAPITAL Trust a.s. group of companies, Mr. Švehla worked in Italy and Germany, taking part in multiple technical construction works across both countries. He speaks Czech, Russian and has a basic knowledge of English.

Oleg Švehla

( Property Manager )

Kristina is a educated young specialist with four years of working experience in real estate in any type of rent with a individual attitude to each client. Proactive, very flexible, negotiable and ready to help any time daily. Born in Kazachstan, Kristina speaks Russian, Czech, English and German.

Kristina Sinkovska

( Senior Broker, Consultant )

Eliška has had quite international background so she is the perfect fit in our multi-cultural work environment. From British kindergarden, it was a fast step to receiving her high-school diploma in the USA, and continuing in her studies at the university in the United States and Denmark. For the past five years, she has worked as an office manager in a real estate agency in Copenhagen before joining CAPITAL Trust, a.s. in 2014. Eliška speaks fluent Czech, English and Danish, and has basic understanding of Italian and French.

Eliška Colding

( Office manager )

Andrea has worked in fashion business in Milan, Italy. Andrea joined CAPITAL Trust, a.s. group of companies in 2011. Since than Andrea became Slovakia country manager and CEO of Free Energy Vison Slovakia. Andrea is fluent in Slovak and Italian and has some knowledge of German and English.

Andrea Plavčanová

( Slovakia Country Manager of CAPITAL Trust, a.s. and Free Energy Vision, s.r.o. )

Susana has studied international business in her home country Colombia and has made an academic exchange in Poland. She is dynamic, responsible, honest, and with a great adaptability sense to every cultural environment. In CAPITAL Trust, a.s. Susana became very knowledgeable in hospitality business and renewable energy technologies. She speaks Spanish and English.

Susana Martinez Mejia

( Internee )

Martin is in real estate business since 1991, he founded CAPITAL Trust, a.s. in 1999. Martin has 25 years of experience in residential development, property investment in Czech Republic and other countries, equity raising & collective investment, establishing long lasting tax effective cross border and public private partnerships. Martin is fluent in Czech, English, German, Russian and has some knowledge of Italian, French and Spanish.

Martin Urman

( CEO, managing partner )

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